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Ask me anything   cis female, white, college student in dc. 22. intersectional feminist. i do a lot of shit about one direction also a lot of hipstery pictures and then there's some thing about female identifying celebrities i don't really know anymore

okay this isn’t me shitting on larry people at all, hi larry people you’re fine. but like, i personally am much more excited by this incredibly close friendship - something sort of undefined - so close that you’re always ~hashtag jokes~ about how you’re married, you’re in love, you have an epic romantic friendship and EVEN IF YOU’RE GAY OR STRAIGHT OR BI OR UNDEFINED OR WHATEVER like, those friendships don’t happen. Often. And we should like them…more. 

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all i want are AUs of classic 90s and early 2000s teen movies except way more gay and with 91902312 sex scenes

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aquarius- bad

pisces- bad

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- best

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Ship-shape it is, sir, but I’m not the captain. The captain’s aloft.

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this gif IS one direction 


Where’s Zayn?


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